In order to provide a fresh, in-depth look into the supernatural, Daystar assembled a diverse group of experts to share personal first-hand accounts that create an eye-opening journey into the unseen world all around us. These contributors offer a unique perspective on God’s power, the tactics of the enemy, and even the reality of heaven and hell, making Supernatural Encounters a unique experience.

Daniel Kolenda

Mentored by renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda has traveled the world taking the message of the cross into some of the most dangerous, hard to reach places on earth. As a fifth-generation preacher, he comes from a rich legacy of faith and has seen God work supernaturally in people’s lives as he’s led more than 17-million to Christ by way of massive international campaigns.

Through his ministry, he’s witnessed countless miracles like the blind receiving sight and the lame walking. This passion to see people connect with a supernatural God has opened the door for Daniel to serve as the president and CEO of Christ for All Nations – an organization dedicated to taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to every corner of the globe.

Benny Hinn

With a ministry marked by supernatural healings and mighty moves of God, Benny Hinn has seen the miraculous first-hand. Born in Israel, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ while in high school not long after his family moved to Canada. It was then that he saw a vision of people falling into a raging inferno and heard the voice of the Lord tell him to preach the Gospel so that they might be saved.

A noted evangelist, teacher, and the author of the best-selling book Good Morning, Holy Spirit, he has become one the most sought-after international preachers. His TV program, This Is Your Day, can be seen daily in over 200 countries. With his straightforward, uncompromising message of God’s love, Benny continues to inspire people around the world to embrace a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Coming to faith in Christ at a Benny Hinn service at age 12, Michael Koulianos would go on to answer the call to become an evangelist and start the international ministry Jesus Image, which focuses on bringing salvation and healing to the world.

In 2004, he married Hinn’s oldest daughter, Jessica, and together they travel the globe doing missions and massive crusades, building a foundation on preaching the Word of God accompanied by signs, wonders, and miracles. With a commitment to winning cities, nations and beyond, Michael and Jessica began Jesus Image TV – a broadcast arm of their ministry, reaching the lost with the truth of the Gospel through media.


At the age of 42, Marilyn Hickey responded to God’s call on her life to ‘cover the earth with His Word’ (Isaiah 11:9). The natural inclination to reach out and celebrate people of different cultures was evident in Marilyn’s formative years, but she had no idea that God would send her around the world to teach the Bible. Through her over 40 years of experience, she has helped build bridges with people from many nations and religious backgrounds.

The Lord has continually opened doors of opportunity for Marilyn in nearly 130 countries, including private meetings and prayer with high-ranking Muslim and Hindu government officials. Her lectures on healing and the Bible have broken records for the largest public meetings ever held in the Muslim countries Egypt and Pakistan. From humble beginnings to a worldwide organization that includes her television program, Today with Marilyn and Sarah, she has faithfully brought God’s miracles and healing power to those in need.


Sid Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet, religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life out of control and his marriage in shambles, Sid was set free from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

In 1977, Sid started a ministry called Messianic Vision with the goal of reaching the world with the Good News of the Messiah, “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16). He believes that when we follow this “law of evangelism” God opens a supernatural door to reach the earth. Sid has devoted his life to this mission and uses media, including his television program, It’s Supernatural, to get the message of the Gospel to the world. He remains dedicated to revealing the great mysteries of the Kingdom of God and how He moves in our lives.

Todd White

What does it take to turn a longtime drug addict and atheist into a sold-out, radical for Jesus? For Todd White, it was experiencing the freeing, unconditional love of God in 2004. But for the 22 years leading up to that, he was trapped in the grip of darkness. His wake up call, however, would come in the form of a gun. After trying to rip off a drug dealer, the man emptied a clip into the car Todd was driving. Miraculously, not one bullet hit him or his car. Soon after, he would fully surrender his heart to the Lord through the ministry of Teen Challenge.

Since then, he has literally taken to the streets to bring the Gospel to every heart in need. Teaming up with renowned filmmaker Darren Wilson, Todd has been featured in such documentaries as Father of Lights, Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost: Reborn, ministering the healing power of prayer all over the world. Today, Todd travels the world teaching others how to operate in God’s authority through his ministry, Lifestyle Christianity.


From experiencing mighty moves of the Holy Spirit to demonic encounters, Kimberly Daniels’ life has been marked by the supernatural. As a former college sprinter who later became a drug addict and prostitute, she lived a destructive lifestyle until she surrendered her heart to Jesus while serving in the military. Once her service ended, she founded Spoken Word Ministries, an inner-city multi-racial church, where she teaches biblical principles about spiritual warfare with a vision to reach cities and nations.

Kimberly has a passion to equip and activate the church in new levels of freedom and deliverance ministry. She is the author of several books, including The Demon Dictionary. Through her call to preach, God has opened doors for Kim to speak all over the world in places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Croatia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, South Africa, England, Costa Rica and many others, teaching on the powerful anointing of walking in obedience to God.


As the overseer of Crusaders Church Chicago, John Eckhardt is gifted with a strong apostolic call and has ministered throughout the United States and overseas in more than 70 nations.

Committed to equipping the body of Christ by imparting biblical truths about spiritual warfare, he has authored more than 35 books, helping activate the gifts of the Spirit in the lives of believers all over the world. His vision is to raise up strong ministries within the church that demonstrate the supernatural power of God.Through the foundation of the Apostolic Institute of Ministry (AIM), he remains dedicated to teaching and training leaders in prophetic ministry to advance and establish the Kingdom of God across the earth.


In November 1998, Bill Wiese, then a successful real estate broker, had an out-of-body experience and found himself imprisoned in hell. Soon after his horrifying experience, Bill began to travel and share about his terrifying journey.

In March 2006, he released the book 23 Minutes In Hell, a riveting account of the horror and anguish he endured. It has since been published in multiple languages, including Afrikaans, French, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Today, Bill and his wife, Annette, continue to teach and minister as God leads, believing that they have been entrusted with a message that has transformed thousands of lives worldwide.

Don Piper

Don Piper is a New York Times bestselling author, an ordained minister, as well as a popular speaker and television guest.  His book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, recounts his real-life experience of being killed in a car crash in 1989 and his remarkable time in Heaven that followed.

Medical personnel said Don died instantly, and while his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, he experienced the glories of heaven. Ninety minutes after the wreck, while a minister prayed for him, he miraculously returned to life on earth with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. Today, he travels and shares his story to audiences all over the world with the hope that they would invite Jesus into their hearts so that they, too, would one day see Heaven.


Guillermo Maldonado is the Senior Pastor and founder of King Jesus International Ministry, which is considered one of the fastest growing multicultural churches in the United States. The development of kingdom leaders and the visible manifestation of God’s supernatural power distinguish this ministry, which has over 100 churches under its spiritual covering in a growing network that extends throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

Apostle Maldonado has authored over 50 books and manuals, many of which have been translated into other languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, and French. In addition, he preaches the message of Jesus Christ and His redemptive power on his national and international television program, Time for Change, which reaches millions worldwide.

Joni Lamb

Refreshing, authentic, and informative – Joni Lamb has become one of America’s leading ladies in television. Alongside her husband, Marcus Lamb, founder and CEO of Daystar Television Network, they have labored for nearly 30 years broadcasting the gospel to a worldwide audience.

Born in a small town in South Carolina, she has become a recognized voice for truth in today’s compromising world. Together with Marcus, she co-hosts Daystar’s daily flagship live broadcast, Marcus & Joni, featuring the nation’s most recognized faith-based leaders, businessmen, authors, and entertainers. As executive producer and host of Joni Table Talk, she fearlessly takes on controversial topics and explores testimonies of unrelenting faith to share relevant, godly solutions for today’s complex problems.


Born in Macon Georgia, Marcus Lamb grew up with a strong love for God’s Word. Becoming an evangelist at age 15, he quickly earned the nickname, “the Walking Bible.” After years of traveling, the direction of his life would change on a trip to Israel in 1983. It was there that God planted the seed in the hearts of Marcus and his wife, Joni, for what would become one of the world’s largest Christian television organizations.

As founder and president of Daystar Television Network, which reaches over 108 million households in the U.S. and over 2 billion people worldwide, Marcus has become known for having a heart for people and a passion for the Gospel. Together with Joni, he also hosts Daystar’s daily flagship live broadcast, Marcus & Joni.  Yet, at the heart of their ministry, still lies a passion to see the lost experience the love and hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.


As an evangelist, author and speaker, John Ramirez is radically being used by God to set captives free. Raised in a poor neighborhood, he grew up despising his father for his abuse and negligence. While trying to survive his childhood, he eventually joined a satanic cult who later groomed him to become a high priest over their region. Yet in a display of God’s power, John was snatched off this dark path through a larger-than-life miraculous dream.

John has since shared his powerful testimony around the world through his highly acclaimed books, Out of the Devil’s Cauldron andUnmasking the Devil. Through teaching others how to combat the enemy, he continues to help set people free not only in the Christian community, but also in the darkest traps of the occult.